YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator

An Amazing Audio/Video Experience with Sonni


“Choose it” “Move it” & “Lose it”

Watch, Listen, Move and SEE the RESULTS!

Sonni’s Acclaimed Inspirational and Motivational Workout Series is Now in it’s 4th Edition with Video!

Just put it on your phone, push play and GO!


  • Getting ready for work

  • Driving

  • Doing chores

  • And of course, while Exercising.

The BEST time to use is is when you DON’T want to exercise. Just listen and/or watch and see what happens.

Proven results for over 25 years.

Featured in Shape and Fitness magazine

YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator Sample Video
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YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator™ 
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YM3 on iPhone 11

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You are purchasing audio mp3 files and / or video mp4 files to load onto your own phone or play on your computer.

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Sonni receives over $15,000 a day for her fast, efficient results.
Now you can personally have her with you anytime, anywhere for a fraction of the cost.
Less than the investment of one personal training session.

Let Sonni be YOUR “Constant Companion” and watch what happens.

  • Your ENERGY increases!
  • Your CONFIDENCE soars!
  • Your POSTURE improves!
  • Your SPIRIT and MOOD radiates!
  • Your SENSUALITY skyrockets!
  • Your metabolism ignites!

And the BEST part…

As a highly in-demand personal trainer, Sonni developed YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator as both a fun and creative way of keeping her clients motivated to workout while she was away and as a unique tool for subconsciously reinforcing positive new beliefs about themselves.

Experience Sonni’s inspiring enthusiasm and warmth as she personally takes you through an energizing mind/body workout. Utilizing her innovative identity-changing exercise “sayings,” Sonni provides you with all the tools you need to give your body and mind an incredible transformation.YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator combines mental conditioning and physical toning so you can look forward to results that will last a lifetime!


Our Clients are Saying…

“I can take you anywhere…the gym, on the bike, in the park, It is SO easy! My whole body looks and feels different. I LOVE to exercise now.”  – MELODY, New York, NY

“I listen to it while I am in the shower. It totally wakes me up!” – JUDY, Melbourne, AUS

“My kids and I put it on after school and run around the house to get us ready to do our homework. It totally clears our minds so we can focus.” – MIKE,  Westlake Village, CA

“I use it during my workouts and races to keep my pace on the bike and run. It totally works and has improved my performance, time and consistency.” – CODY, Boston, MA

“I have lost 25 pounds just listening to you and walking along the beach.” – EILEEN, Marco Island, FL

“I love listening to it while I put on my make up and get ready for work.” – LORETTA, London, UK

“When I am sick, tired or depressed, I put it on while lying in bed, and before you know it, I am up and out, ready for my day.” – SONIA, Grand Saline, TX

“Listening to this in LA traffic has totally changed my life. Instead of being angry and frustrated, I show up at work totally confident and ready to GO!” – DIANA, Agoura Hills, CA




YM3 on iPhone 11

Phone not included.
You are purchasing audio mp3 files and / or video mp4 files to load onto your own phone or play on your computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which program to purchase?

Your best value is the Champion program where you will get all of YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator™ workouts on audio and video. You will have the most flexibility in choosing the length of your workout as well as the inspirational and motivational content of the workout.

If you are okay with limiting yourself to just one length of workout and only want audio files, chose either the Starter program for a 30 min workout or the Advanced Program for a 50 minute workout.

What are the Terms of Sale?

As our customer, you acknowledge that all sales are final. The programs can not be returned or refunded. You also acknowledge that you have been advised to check with your own doctor before staring any exercise program.

What happens when I click the Buy Now Button?

Your credit card purchase will be safely processed by uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol to insure maximum security for your Internet purchase. Visit for more information.

How do I get the download link once I have purchased?

You will be able to download your file immediately upon purchase and you will receive an email from If you don not receive this email within 24 hours, first look in your spam folder to see if it is there. If not, contact for assistance.

In the Download Details email you will find a download link for the program you purchased. This download link is good for 24 hours. If you try to download after the 24 hour window, you will be given an option to request a new download link. Please do not share this link with anyone who has not purchased the YOUR Movement Mindset Motivator™ program from

The download will be an mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) file depending on the package you purchased. If you have downloaded the file(s) to your computer, you may add them to your phone using whatever program you would normally load any other audio or video file.

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