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“We SLOW DOWN to GET AHEAD.” – Sonni

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Rewire your brain for clarity
Restore your creativity and productivity
Revive your brand and business
Release your gift to the market and world

Then you can
Revel in your abundance, victory and contribution



Retreats Available at Sonni’s Restoration Retreat
Or the Gaylord Texan Resort

“When I first started coaching with Sonni, I was spinning. Running the same thoughts over and over in my head truly stuck and without peace.

Our first retreat was truly life changing for me. I learned about crazy 8’s and pattern interrupts and had the opportunity to dig deep into what was causing my spinning to radically shift my mind space. This one shift was life altering for me.

Since then I have continued to coach with Sonni on personal items like family relationships & love (during which I became engaged, married, have had our first child and continue to evolve in our relationship) as well as in growing my business.

Last year when I was on maternity leave, Sonni’s coaching supported me in having one of my most successful business years while being on maternity leave for 2 1/2 months. Sonni is truly a gift, I am so grateful for her.”

Allison Kelly


My business partner, Steve Boedt, and I first did a weekend retreat at Sonni’s Ranch which was amazing.

It was so great to have her take her knowledge and apply it to us. While there, we were in a very vulnerable state which isn’t usually how we work and it was just amazing to see how she could break down our walls of insecurity or doubt/fear and feel super human. We are used to the big stages and being the speakers and trainers of big groups of people, and with those rolls reversed we were able to soak up her knowledge like a sponge. She makes the concepts easy and applicable.

Sonni helped each Steve and I channel our unique strengths and the way we balance each other and build on each other. She helped us design an entire business in what felt like no time at all.

Since that time at the ranch, Sonni, Steve and I (along with the wizard behind the curtain, my husband Brian) have launched a company, website, released a podcast with weekly episodes, launched our online courses-our GPS SYSTEM webinars (guides plan to success), a workbook and with her leadership we are now reaching into our next goals with loads of energy and excitement. She gets stuff done!

I had worked with a coach before who had given great insight and outlines for success in this industry. But by contrast, Sonni gives all that AND helps give just the right push and clarity to actually get it done.

To look back on meeting Sonni up until today-heading to Europe for 2 ,amazing, FUN ROAD TO SUCCESS live events in Copenhagen and Dublin, I credit her coaching to helping us reach these goals. She takes the process things usually take and smashes that down to a fraction of the time. We love our Sonni!!!!!

Kass Martin

Success Strategist,

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