Speaker, Coach and Business Brand Builder

Sonni, CN, CPT, LMT, CHT,  is an International Speaker as well as Founder and President of HEALTHY LIFESTYLES. She has over 35 years experience in business entrepreneurship, health education and personal/business development mentoring. Her client profile is quite varied including celebrities, CEO’s, athletes, personal trainers, and business professionals. She has owned and run several successful businesses while living a fulfilling lifestyle. 

Partial Client List

Sonni works with Speaker’s Bureaus and Meeting Planners Worldwide.

If you are interested in having Sonni speak at your company or organization’s event, please fill out our Pre Meeting Questionnaire. Once submitted, we will be in touch with you promptly.

Speaker’s Bureaus & Meeting Planners: Resources

The resources below will be made available upon completion of our Speaker Engagement Agreement.

  • Download photos of Sonni in JPEG format in either black & white or color for your brochures, website or other promotional materials.
  • An introduction for Sonni (PDF)

Room Set – Up and AV Minimum Requirements

  • Chevron seating is preferred with no middle aisle where possible
  • Raised platform without podium
  • Small round table to the left side of platform
  • A bar stool set up to the right of the platform
  • Where possible 2 screens on either side of platform
  • When there is 1 screen place to the left side of platform
  • Video monitor below the platform
  • Power point projector and sound jacks for laptop
  • Lavaliere or lapel microphone

Logistics for Travel and Lodging

  • 2 First Class refundable/fully flexible plane tickets
  • Hotel with room service included: request 2 non-smoking rooms with King beds
  • Arranged pick up from airport to hotel and then hotel to airport

Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Recording / Video Taping Sessions

Please advise ahead of time if you are planning to record the session either by audio or video. If anyone wishes to record the session, Sonni must receive a copy of the original master and all rights to the recorded session belong solely to Sonni. The recorded session may be used internally and for non-commercial purposes. For other uses, written permission must be granted by Sonni.

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